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Italy & Joy captures my Story and my Mission.



Originally from Hungary, I have lived in Florence for over 10 years, where I have been awarded a Masters Degree in "Luxury & Lifestyle Management" by the Polimoda Fashion Institute.
I was captivated by the enriching beauty and charm of the city, which I now call home. The passion I have cultivated continues to grow and enables me to discover even the most hidden details of Florence, with its unique forms of art and tradition. Whether it be the true meaning of craftsmanship, the origins of fashion, wine culture, culinary arts, or the breathtaking landscapes; I know each detail of this immaculate blend that has produced a truly outstanding and unique cultural universe in Florence.
During the last decade, I have been blessed by enriching relationships and cultural experiences that continuously encourage me to sharpen my strong insight and precise focus on the details that the city has to provide. These precious encounters have led me to develop a professional career based on the Florentine lifestyle.
As a lifetime travel enthusiast and connoisseur of the ‘bella vita’, I value true human relationships and appreciate the sharing of values and ideas. The deep friendships I have cultivated in Florence are a precious wealth. Not only have they enriched my life, but they have also allowed me to open many closed doors. Thanks to this, today I feel like a fully adopted Florentine both personally and professionally.
Embracing this philosophy, my pursuit of happiness and satisfaction lies within the magical atmosphere of this city where I provide my professional expertise as a Luxury Travel Advisor to share the most authentic and exclusive features of Tuscany with you.


My story

“Italy & Joy – Firenze” is the result of a long-term search for beauty, a concept that is synonymous with Florence. Here, beauty is eternal and evident in every corner, alley, and square of the city. However the true exquisite treasures are secluded from the public – exclusive and well-concealed from mass tourism; hard to approach, just like an elegant and discreet lady. Ever since my own personal experiences of this hidden and refined beauty, my mission has been to guide my customers on the same exciting journey through Florentine excellence. The philosophy of ‘Italy and Joy’ is based on this vision, conceived to offer an exclusive Luxury Travel Advisor service in Florence for those craving a deeper understanding of local culture and lifestyle. I am your key to the ‘closed doors’ of Florence, a city known not only for being the cradle of the Renaissance, for its museums and famed artworks, but also for being the smallest 'metropolis' in the world, hosting millions of tourists and countless cultural, fashion, music and art events worldwide. For all its fame, Florence - as confirmed by the endless stories and legends about the city and the most powerful families that once ruled it - remains one of the most closed and difficult cities to viscerally understand. Over the centuries it has continued to keep 'its secrets' and to hide its real treasures from the influence of increasingly powerful globalization. By keeping her secrets, Florence has preserved her strong identity, and continues to define the true meaning of luxury and exclusivity.

Luxury Travel Advisor

My in-depth experience as a Luxury Travel Advisor in Florence allows me to design unique and truly authentic custom tours through which you can savor the magical atmosphere of the city with all your senses.
True luxury is not to be purchased, it must be experienced.
I devotedly follow my mission to lead emotional experiences through the incomparable
world of timeless luxury, emphasizing authenticity, uniqueness, personal expression and individual taste. Florence stands tall above globalized standards and, most importantly, is the home of uncompromised quality, where a product‘s value can never be replaced by a brand label.


Contemporary luxury is emotional, personal and essential. An unrivalled and uncommon experience that resonates on a spiritual level and abundantly nourishes the soul. Both the creative process and the execution of your dream trip are based on my commitment to authenticity, kindness, and generosity of spirit–the values I live by.

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