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Italy & Joy is the intimate discovery of Florence and Tuscany through highly exclusive experiences, each one carefully personalised to your taste. My Luxury Concierge services open the doors to a secret world, immersing you within the most authentic parts of Tuscany where Florence reveals the glow of her most precious treasures. Thanks to my wealth of experience and a deep knowledge of the Florentine culture, the true essence of Tuscany is revealed to you:
Pure Excellence.
This is a 360-degree service that transforms even the smallest detail of your stay into an authentic and exclusive experience, readily satisfying even the most demanding clientele. "Luxury Concierge" means providing just the right keys to open hidden worlds, designing bespoke experiences that are tailor-made to you, where your needs are carefully listened to and taken care of.
I am offering you the keys to the city.

My Story

"A story has no beginning and no end,
only points of entry."

Carlos Ruiz Zafon

"Italy & Joy" is a Luxury Concierge service in Florence created to realise a precise vision: to design authentic and emotional experiences within Florence and Tuscany for those who want to travel along secret and extraordinary pathways, far away from mass tourism.
I am your key to the “closed doors” of Florence.

My Philosophy

My mission is to cultivate a deeper understanding of "true luxury" in Florence, which hides in the excellence of satisfying outstanding aesthetic standards and sensibilities.
I have been driven by this vision through a continuous research into products of local excellence - the present-day proof of the peerless manual skill and art culture that has been blooming since the Renaissance. I have discovered centuries-old crafts and traditions, the scent of perfumes, the textural pleasure of shimmering fabrics and soft leather goods. I have watched the Master Artisans in awe, as they craft the real Made In Italy masterpieces day after day. An explorer with distinguishing taste, I have charted a
map that connects this exclusive world of experiences, perfectly hidden from mass tourism.
Italy & Joy grants you private access to this secret centre of excellence, where I am honoured to guide you through a tailor-made and emotional experience of the city, in which every sensation is adjusted to your specific requests.
It will be my pleasure.


There is something that only Florentine craftsmanship can give.
Quality. One of a kind treasures. A sensory feeling of enrichment while choosing or wearing something made in Florence, a vibration that encircles and expands around you like a perfume, revealing quality, excellence, and harmony. The ultimate essence of beauty.

For years my passion for beauty has driven me to explore every small and hidden Florentine workshop and atelier. Let me guide you on an unforgettable dream journey into Florentine excellence. I put all of my skills, professionalism and expertise at your disposal, to meet every specific need that you have. Your dreams become reality.

Luxury Experiences


My mission is to immerse you in the magical atmosphere of Florence, custom designing a series of bespoke moments and adventures, a cascade of experiences that reveal the added value that only the most precious Florentine treasures can command.


Florence is the ideal place for explorers with distinguishing taste to lose themselves in a mesmerising context of beauty, art, passion, culture and tradition, perfectly blended together.

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