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Savour the delights of Florence through a Tailor Made Experience

To discover Florence through a tailor made experience is true luxury. Every year the city is invaded by thousands of tourists, all seeking to drink from her grace. The guidance of a Personal Concierge in Florence is a must for those who dream of going beyond the cliche to live an authentic experience attuned to their individual taste.

Personal Concierge in Florence

The privilege to indulge in excellence

As a Personal Concierge in Florence, I am a connoisseur of the city’s finest. I have spent years dedicated to exploring its hidden gems: the small shops and laboratories of the most talented artisans, their ancient crafts and products of excellence that have become objects of desire worldwide. Florence has a wealth of these rare and precious treasures which are hard to find if you don’t know where to look. They are often hidden, far from the main streets, untouched by mass tourism. Passion, time, expertise, curiosity and a discerning palate are required to identify and select only the best of these exquisite and renowned made-in-Tuscany treasures. My mission has always been to find these hidden gems of the city and share them with the select few who know how to appreciate their value. I am devoted to guiding you through an emotional journey into the true luxury of Florence and all of its excellence.

Luxury Tours in Florence

I offer a 360-degree service to ensure that your stay is an authentic and exclusive experience, right down to even the smallest details. My Luxury Tours in Florence introduce curious travelers to the astonishing world of Tuscan craftsmanship that is now synonymous with excellence and beauty, defining the highest standards of remarkable Italian quality and elegance, due to the perfect combination of hands-on knowledge and centuries-old tradition. I provide my professional expertise as a Personal Concierge to carefully design and carry out every detail of your day-trip schedule in order to guarantee an impeccable service.

Let the expertise of a Personal Concierge in Florence be your guide

I have personally handpicked the ambassadors of excellence in the fields of the prestigious leather industry, shoemaking, tailoring, fine jewellery, artistic perfumery, cashmere, glassware, millinery, lingerie, bespoke glassware, terracotta and the luxury art of ancient ornamental techniques. These are master craftsmen who ingeniously implement centuries-old methods to create their unique masterpieces.

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