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Florentine Craftsmanship

Artisan Workshop Tours in Florence and Tuscany

Florentine Craftsmanship represents the past, the present, and the future of the city, captured together in exquisitely created objects.
Ancient crafts, tradition and the precious knowledge of past generations are carefully preserved in the Artisan workshops still found today in the Cradle of Renaissance. The magical atmosphere that surrounds these hidden places can be felt only by the most determined explorers who are willing to go beyond commercial routes and discover the secret paths that lead to a hidden universe.
Enchanting and private places located in narrow alleys in the city center, or totally secluded from the public in a noble palace, and sometimes even displayed visibly in the most appealing locations in the city.
For years, I have been leading my clients on an authentic and customized Artisan Workshop Tour of Florence and Tuscany, allowing them to discover the finest, most exclusive, handmade luxury goods.

Luxury Private Tours in Florence

Join me on an enchanting journey to explore Florentine excellence with a spotlight on regional crafts and creativity. Discover and distinguish the unique Made-in-Italy creations, and gain exclusive access to centuries-old artisanal bottegas where the grandeur of Florentine Craftsmanship is still being carried on today by the great Artigiani Masters.

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