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A fragrance is an alchemy.
It must envelope and blend with the very essence of the person wearing it.
Choosing a perfume requires an intimate knowledge of oneself. It is rarely easy to find the right notes to capture your unique personality in a standardised product.
This is why choosing the hand-crafted perfection of a Personalised Perfume is a fragrant luxury that will allow you to express your complete personality.
The creation of your own Personalised Perfume in Florence is a precious alchemy that will make your holiday in the "Cradle of the Renaissance” eternally memorable.

Personalised Perfumes in Florence, an Exclusive Luxury

Florence is a city that often hides its excellence, as if to protect its rarest treasures from mass tourism. The most precious gems are hidden and difficult to reach without an expert guide. My years of experience as a Luxury Concierge have allowed me to slip inside the locked doors of incomparable artisan studios, where even the most hidden excellence awaits you.
Thanks to my profound knowledge and professionalism, I can promise you a truly unique experience, one that only a few can enjoy: the sensory experience of a Personalised Perfume made in Florence.
Just owning a bespoke perfume is not an end in itself, instead it is the experience of a real journey into the world of alchemy, defined as the "Bespoke Perfume Experience". Entering the master perfumer's workshop, being enveloped in an ancient library of essences, surrounded by ampoules and bottles of all shapes and sizes - this is an intoxicating experience that will never be forgotten.
Lost in scent you will feel that time has stopped, that space and time have compressed into a single moment, the present. In this magical atmosphere, the Master Perfumer will guide you in your search for the essence that best suits your personality, your exclusive Custom Designed Perfume made especially in Florence for you.
We will take you to the laboratories of the best perfumers in the city to make your dream come true: a Personalised Perfume in Florence.
Let the dream become reality.


It will be my pleasure to guide you on Luxury Tours in search of your Personalised Perfume in Florence.
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