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Bespoke Custom-Made Jewellery

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A jewel is more than an object, it is a symbol that contains a universe of emotions, feelings and promises. To wear a jewel that was made especially for you is an exclusive pleasure; custom made jewellery is your dreams made into form. And when it comes to realising your dreams, only the most precious materials and skilled hands can capture your soul and give shape to invisible desires.
This transcendent magic is something rare, an ancient alchemy often forgotten, but here in Florence the craft is carried on. The High Craftsmanship of the master jewellers of Florence preserves this ancient knowledge, keeping it alive in workshops across the city where every day the miracle is repeated. In old stone studios, skilled hands still work to create magnificent Custom Made Jewellery.
The creation of Custom Made Jewels in Florence is an ancient tradition, which allows you to combine creativity, history and uniqueness in a single precious adornment.

Custom Made Jewelry in Florence, an Exclusive Luxury

Imagine your perfect holiday in Florence, where you discover beauty and live magical moments in the company of your beloved. More than perfect, your holiday can become unforgettable, when you take home your own treasure - a true piece of Custom Made Jewellery created especially for you in Florence.
To realise a dream of this magnitude it is not enough to find an expert craftsman. You must find the right one for you. You won't find them in any guidebook, and no operator at your hotel will be able to advise you because the real masters are hidden. The goldsmith masters of Florence are not reached through any traditional tourist route. They are only discovered through years of passionate research.
"Italy and Joy" focuses on the value of Florentine craftsmanship because after years of discovering excellence, I have witnessed the strong bond that is created with a personalised object that evokes every feeling and memory linked to the exquisite territory where it was created.
I will take you to the workshops of the city's best goldsmiths to make your dream come true: a Custom Designed Jewel made especially for you in Florence.
Let the dream become reality.


It will be my pleasure to guide you on Luxury Tours in search of your Made to Measure Jewel in Florence.
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