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Blown Glass and Crystal Object

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Blown glass pieces are distinguished by the light they emit. In fact, this type of handcrafted blown glass has a truly unique lightness and shine.
For this reason, blown glass works of art are that extra touch that will give elegance and character to any environment, embellishing living rooms and show case cabinet while giving color and style, and they are ideal for a truly special gift for friends and relatives.

Crystal works of art, on the other hand, are a symbol of elegance and luxury. Crystal is part of the excellence of Florentine craftsmanship that for centuries has passed down from generation to generation the passion for the glass arts. Buying Florentine crystal is an exclusive luxury, signifying the act of bringing home precious masterpieces desired all over the world.

For centuries, in Florence, skilled artisans have dexterously forged blown glass and crystal objects, made to measure according to whatever your specific needs are at the time.

Blown Glass and Crystal in Florence, an Exclusive Luxury

Being able to find the most beautiful blown glass creations in Florence is not an easy task.
Often the right boutiques and craft shops are "hidden" among the picturesque streets of the city, or simply off the beaten tourist routes. This is why it is important to rely on a professional Personal Concierge service, to ensure that you only find yourself in font of the best glass pieces that Florence can offer. The production of crystal and blown glass in Florence is entrusted to historic "Molerie" with hundreds of years of tradition. With the same passion of the past these master craftsmen produce objects of rare beauty, something that will be very difficult to admire anywhere else in the world. In Florence you’ll have no problem finding and taking home with you precious glass and crystal creations such as goblets, cups, ampoules, salt shakers or candleholders that will give your rooms a light and elegance never seen before.

I will be able to take you to the best studios or shops to make your dreams come true: buy beautiful Florentine blown glass.
May this the dream become reality.

It will be a pleasure to guide you along Luxury Tours in search of best Crystal and Blown Glass in Florence.
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