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Tuscan artistry in the tanning and production of leather goods is synonymous with the highest standards of elegance and Italian quality, thanks to centuries old traditions and know-how. This ancient art, passed down from master Tuscan tanners since the nineteenth century, has become a niche market identified by the pursuit of excellence and refined taste. It is not by chance that the majority of luxury leather good and fashion brands have chosen Tuscany to produce their high-quality goods using only the best of local material.
Italy & Joy is part of a network of the leading producers in this sector. These artisans create their masterpieces adhering to age-old artisanal tradition. Personalized and custom pieces are available and the client may choose the type of leather. It is not only the leather chosen, but the ability of the artisan to make the custom piece with great skill.
In choosing our partners, we follow the Italy & Joy philosophy of luxury, valuing originality and individual taste over a globalized fashion trend.


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