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The Personal Shopper is currently in vogue and in high demand. A qualified shopping consultant, able to evaluate and advise the client in their choice and purchase of only the best products, services and luxury consumer goods.
You might feel that a Personal Shopper in Florence is necessary to help you navigate through the big brands and choose products in harmony with your needs. This is certainly true if you settle for mass-produced products, easily accessible to everyone through a walk in the centre of Florence.
What Italy and Joy offers is much more. Going beyond a simple Personal Shopper service in Florence, we offer you a qualified guide who will lead you on a journey to discover the hidden excellence of Florence. Only the best quality, true luxury, and the finest products that not everybody knows how to find.
This is why a Luxury Concierge will serve you better than a Personal Shopper in Florence.
Florence is a city visited by thousands of tourists every year, but few can claim to really know the city intimately. It is a mysterious city that knows how to hide its excellence. Like
rare pearls, the treasures are tucked away in the deep, where it’s difficult for the masses to access.
To discover the true excellence of Florence, it is not enough to rely on a Personal Shopper in Florence. It is essential to be guided by those who have spent years in search of the rarest creations of beauty that this city has to offer.
My passion for exceptional beauty and quality has driven me for years to search for the best products made in Florence, identifying little-known and forgotten artisan workshops, discovering laboratories and talking to master craftsmen.
I have touched precious fabrics, the softest leather, luminous crystals and breathed in the scents of the magical alchemy that is Florentine craftsmanship.
I know every corner of this city and where to find excellence.
This is why a Luxury Concierge will always offer something more than a Personal Shopper in Florence, because only in this intimate and exclusive way can a true guide lead you to where few can gain access.
Bespoke and Custom Luxury Experiences Bespoke Luxury Experience
The Luxury Concierge 'Italy & Joy' is a bespoke Florentine dream exclusively for the most demanding clientele.
I offer a 360 degree service to make your stay an authentic and exclusive experience in every detail.
What I offer you is a truly bespoke Luxury Experience, completely tailored to your needs.
The big brands and prestigious boutiques in the centre of Florence are certainly synonymous with Made in Italy, but they can also be found in any capital city.
Only Florentine craftsmanship offers a truly unique experience, because these masters and their creations cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Reaching the master craftsmen is not easy, you need to know the territory and local products well, a depth of knowledge that only an expert Luxury Concierge can guarantee.
For this reason, more than a Personal Shopper service in Florence, I provide a true tailor- made Luxury Experience. My mission is to envelop you in this magic and allow you to savour, through a personalised experience, all the value and wonder of the hidden treasures of Florence.
Discover our "Luxury Experiences" and imagine your own: a once-in-a-lifetime dream that is designed around your needs.
Luxury Concierge ‘Italy & Joy’ is a custom-made Florentine dream for explorers with a discerning palate, providing a wide range of services to ensure your stay is an authentic and exclusive experience down to even the smallest detail.
A real and authentic Bespoke Luxury Experience, custom designed to meet your every need.
The most prestigious brands and boutiques in the city center certainly represent the Made-in-Italy quality, however they can easily be found worldwide.
The excellence of Florentine Craftsmanship can only be discovered within the local culture and territory. It’s uniqueness lies in the dedicated effort to preserve centuries-old traditions and honour the iconic and distinguishing features that exemplify the luxurious Florentine lifestyle in a highly globalized world.
These hidden gems are hard to find for those who lack a profound knowledge of the local culture and territory. This is the expertise that only a Luxury Concierge can provide.
My Bespoke Luxury Experience goes far beyond the service of a Personal Shopper in Florence. I devotedly follow my mission to immerse curious travellers in all the delight at discovering a hidden universe of beauty, where real human values are converted into unique objects of desire by skilful hands.

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