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Etruscan Dinner

Cooking Class in Tuscany (with lunch or dinner)

There are many themed dinners in Florence, but only an "Etruscan Dinner" can express through all of its flavors the whole history and past of Florence, all the way from its origins. In this way, the past of Florence is closely linked to the Etruscan civilization, whose traces are still very visible today. But this ancient civilization has not left only archaeological traces, but also unique recipes that outline a truly priceless culinary heritage.

Cooking Class with Etruscan Lunch or Dinner in Florence, an Exclusive Luxury

Many poets of antiquity celebrated the splendors and glories of the Etruscan banquets, famous for the excellence of the cuisine and the luxury of their tables.
Attending an Etruscan dinner in Florence is one of those things that will not happen to you very often in your life. This is because no tourist restaurant, no Villa or Osteria will manage to satisfy you. Not many chefs know the ancient Etruscan recipes and the tables of the best chefs capable of setting up Etruscan dinners are always booked.
Being able to access one of these dinners is an exclusive pleasure to which we will be happy to offer you access.

I will take you to the home of an expert Chef, and you will be welcome in her kitchen where she will teach you all the secrets of Etruscan recipes, in a sort of very specialized cooking class. You will learn with her to make delicious Etruscan dishes under her wise guidance.
At the end we will all join together to enjoy a delicious Etruscan dinner accompanied by good wine. Depending on your preferences, the experience can also be carried out for lunch.
May this the dream become reality.

It will be a pleasure to guide you in an unforgettable sensory experience.
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